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Run better a team.

Get your team in sync with our all-in-one, easy-to-use employee app.

Simplify your day-to-day communication.

Homebase’s free mobile app has a built-in messenger to make it easy to stay connected.

  • Send messages to individuals, groups, or your entire organization.
  • Instantly create groups for quick requests, like everyone working today or everyone available tomorrow.
  • New team members automatically get added—no need to share phone numbers, circulate emails, or update group chats.
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Share important work information.

Don’t waste time worrying. Know that your team has the information they need.

  • Add company events to the schedule and notes to shifts with specific instructions.
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Team communication with Homebase

Best employee communication tool ever!

Theresa Fouquette

Owner at Bliss Small Batch Creamery, University Place, WA

Hold your team accountable.

  • Track performance , such as on-time rates and no-shows.
  • Know when your team has read your messages and viewed the schedule.
  • Get alerts if employees are late for their shifts.
  • Store notes and reviews in employee profiles to organize your performance documentation.
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Turn employees into a team.

Homebase allows your employees to work better together.

  • Introduce new hires to the whole team right in the app.
  • Collect shift feedback to keep a pulse on how your team is feeling.
  • Your team can give each other shout outs for a job well done.
  • Employees can work directly to trade shifts and coordinate covers.
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Run a better management team.

Get real-time visibility into your business for yourself and your management team.

  • Move your manager logbook online.
  • Share important information about inventory, operations, and employees.
  • Respond to problems quickly to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Track labor and sales in real-time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

ABOUT Team Communication Tools

What is a messaging app?

Messaging apps, also called instant messaging apps, chat apps, text app, team communication apps , and social messaging app, are apps and platforms that enable instant messaging.

Some examples of popular messaging apps that offer free texting (although some in-app purchases may be available) include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Line, Snapchat, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Mood Messenger, Yaata SMS, and Viber. While most of the messaging app selections focus on messaging and file sharing, others offer a video call component, as well as a component for voice calls or voice message with free calling.

Some social media services offer direct messaging services as a component of their overall platform, which provide an alternative to sending text messages with a phone number, such as Facebook’s Facebook Messenger. Instagram and Twitter’s also have direct messaging functions.

Messaging apps are the most widely used smartphone apps, with in 2018 over 1.3 billion monthly users of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, 980 million monthly active users of WeChat and 843 million monthly active users of QQ Mobile.

Learn more by reading our article about team messaging apps .

What is the best messaging app for Android?

Just as on iOS, the Homebase Team Communication App is available on any Android mobile device, so app users on Android phones can download the app using the Google Play Store access their information on the messenger app from wherever they are instead of sending an Android message. . Regular text messaging via sms and mms is no longer necessary.

The app is also available on iOS for iPhone users, as well as android phone users who text with sms messages.

What are the best messaging apps?

The best messaging apps for small businesses are the apps that allow employers, managers and employees to effectively communicate across all departments, not the ones that solely focus on social interaction, such as WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage, Chomp SMS, Textra SMS or Google Hangouts. Keeping everyone on your team on the same page can be time-consuming, which is why group messaging is a great alternative to texting individual employees.

The Homebase Team Communication App offers several different team communication tools to help share information quickly, which is why it’s the one of the best messaging apps for you and your team.

Why should I use the Homebase Team Communication App?

Employees can chat with the whole team or individuals using the free texting app on Homebase (the same place they’d go to check their schedules) and get a quick reply since the employees are already using the app. These messages on the popular app are free, unlike texting sms messages on some mobile plans, and no one needs to share their phone numbers to call and text or search for anyone on Facebook to find a way to reach them.

Homebase is the best messaging app because it’s a team communication app integrated into your scheduling app , so your employees can participate in instant messaging to relay important information and keep everyone up to speed in the same place, and then go back to resuming their other team management activities in the rest of the app.

Managers can communicate with each other using the manager log book , even if they don’t have any shifts that overlap, in a categorized and searchable log book. They can make notes about maintenance issues, private parties, cleaning notes, and anything else they need to share with other managers.

And when scheduling employees, managers can also leave shift notes, which are delivered when the schedule is published. You can use shift notes to let an individual employee know if there’s something unique about this particular shift, like if they’re training a new cashier.

Does the Homebase app fit with my business?

The Homebase instant messaging software can work for any size business, big or small. You can use the business messaging app to participate in one-on-one instant messaging with your managers, who can also send direct messages to the employees they supervise right in the app. Facebook messaging or video calling is not necessary.

The app also decreases the need for large group meetings, because everyone knows an informative text (in our case, sent over the Homebase app) can get the job done just as well.

Our tool is also a secure messaging app, so you’ll never have to worry about potentially sensitive information that is sent through sms and mms getting leaked to anyone.

What are team chat apps?

Team chat apps are forms of software that allow a working team to talk to each other to keep the workday running smoothly.

Learn more by reading our article on team chat apps .

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